We have nothing to do but survive

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I stand somewhere in the middle

Finally, Gates writes about the racist iconography that played «a pivotal role in persuading American society that black human beings were not only fundamentally different from white people, but irreversibly different in kind, and dangerously so,» and traces the rise of «the New Negro,» a term referring to mostly middle class African Americans who sought to fight against discrimination while subverting the racist stereotypes that had haunted black people for decades. It’s a work of history, but a living one Gates explains how the years following Reconstruction still affect the lives of Americans today. «I often wonder if Frederick Douglass and his fellow abolitionists could have imagined the extent to which this antiblack racist discourse would remain very much alive in American society a century and a half after the end of the Civil War,» he writes, and sadly, one doesn’t have to search very deeply to find analogs of the Southern «Redeemers» today..

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