Utilities have to contend with some of the climate extremes

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It’s likely that experiences like Jenny’s are only going to become more common. Over the next 15 years, America’s elderly population will increase by 40 percent, resulting in an unprecedented explosion in the number of people with age related neurological diseases, including Parkinson disease, stroke, the dementias and epilepsy. Alzheimer’s disease alone is expected to affect 16 million Americans by 2050 three times the number that currently live with the disorder.

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canada goose coats on sale GARCIA: The third curveball utilities are now dealing with is climate change. Utilities have to contend with some of the climate extremes that we’ve been seeing more and more of in recent years things like the ongoing polar vortex, which puts a huge demand on the power grid, but also things like hurricanes and heat waves and in California, obviously, wildfires. Due to climate change, these fires are expected to become more frequent and more destructive. canada goose coats on sale

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