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17, Dagger Wing Nature Center, South County Regional Park,

How did we get here? There’s plenty of blame to go around. Government’s National Park Service is in charge of all of the park’s land a set of green spaces and sites running from 2nd to 7th Street between Walnut and Arch yet hasn’t provided a budget increase in more than a decade. The result is that at «America’s Most Historic Square Mile,» critical maintenance is left unperformed, and on the majority of days, as many as 10 of the park’s 35 sites are closed to the public because there isn’t enough staffing.

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canada goose factory sale The west of Sonoma is less guileful than Napa, its countryside shaggier; an Abruzzo, maybe, to Napa’s Tuscany. Its towns Occidental, Guerneville, Sebastopol come complete with clapboard Wild West faades, artisan ice creameries, craft breweries, farm stands and the occasional one house museum.Just outside Forestville, where the 116 becomes River Road and starts to ascend in earnest into the Russian River Valley ie, within pretty perfect striking distance of both Napa and this lovely bit of Sonoma sits Farmhouse Inn. I’d been hearing about it for a couple of years from friends in theBay Area, but only visited lastspring, around the timeits owners, siblings (and fifth generation Sonoma farmers)Catherine and Joe Bartolomei, were putting final touches on renovations to its charming guest cottages, each with its own hingedgate or wisteria and rose covered trellis canada goose factory sale.

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