The other kid gets all sad looking and backs away from me

This episode: host/White House correspondent Tamara Keith
One of the things throughout the ’80s and the ’90s that we

The best case scenario after this is apathy. These people just never vote again. The worst case scenario is that they seek to hurt the people that they feel oppressed them. TORONTO SUMMERLICIOUS: Is set to arrive tomorrow for a few weeks of surprising your taste buds with the best of Toronto culinary scene. Summerlicious allows you to enjoy three course prix fixe lunch or dinner (or both!) at close to 200 of Toronto fave restaurants. Presented by Canadian Stage, The working theatre is built from scratch and picnics are encouraged and this year there will be two adaptations of the Bard most popular works: The comedic tale of love and desire, Much Ado About Nothing, and the timeless story of morality and power in Measure for Measure.

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