So, about a week in I get bored and go exploring

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Jimmy Butler to the Heat (sign and trade, with Josh Richardson headed to the 76ers and multiple players to the Mavericks). Four years, $142 million (The Athletic) D’Angelo Russell to the Warriors (sign and trade). Four years, $117 million. When asked to produce the original contract for handwriting analysis, the complainant declined to do so.»So she doesn want the «contract» to be checked on handwriting? Wonder why.In her correspondence with the Knicks, the woman included a photograph that she said showed hair loss and broken nose cartilage, «from when he repeatedly hit me.» Several days after the alleged encounter, the woman wrote that she had to pay «about $10,000» for corrective surgery.Yikes to Porzingis if this is true.Besides the $68,000 payment, the woman also wanted the Knicks to assist in the return of a pair of sandals she termed her «favorite Jordan gray and orange slides.» She had also texted Porzingis for the return of the shoes, and he acknowledged she left them in his apartment.Don wanna make jokes, but the way this was worded was kinda funny to me. Guess those sandals are pretty important.In an Oct. 30, 2018, email to the Knicks, the woman wrote: «After the extremely aggressive encounter, he was very apologetic, loving and caring.

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