Jackson: We would go and watch each other work

A year or 2 ago the state relabled them as non native invasive
After scouring through images of horseflies online

This is welcome and one has to see how it will be planned along with ensuring equity and sustainability.However, for this new mission there is rather inadequate financial allocation in the 2019 20 budget at Rs 9150 crore under centrally sponsored scheme National Rural Drinking Water Program, up from budget estimate of Rs 6611 crore and revised estimate of Rs 5391 crore last year.This is important as the Modi government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (SBM) did not include the aspects mentioned above, as the Economic Survey for 2018 19, made public on July 4, 2019 rightly said: «Going forward, SBM should focus on achieving 100 per cent disposal of solid and liquid waste. Currently, many states are not concentrating enough on this aspect which could pull us back to where we were a few years back. Scientific techniques for the safe and effective disposal of waste should be the next on the agenda for this mission SBM needs to incorporate environmental and water management issues for long term sustainability and improvements.

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