Eddie Ngava, General Secretary of the Solomon Islands Football

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Solomon Islands (2 titles)The Wantok Cup a possibly defunct international football competition between the national teams of three Melanesian countries: Papua New Guinea yeti cups, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. The Cup was to be a thrice a year competition, to be held in July (twice) and September (once), as part of independence commemoration celebrations in the Solomons, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea, respectively. The inaugural edition of the Cup was held during independence celebrations in the Solomon Islands, from July 3 to July 7, 2008, and was won by the hosts.Eddie Ngava, General Secretary of the Solomon Islands Football Federation, had stated: «We hope this will be the inaugural start of the Wantok Cup when each of the three countries will be having a competition on each of their countries› independence days.» Cup has been described by the Oceania Football Confederation as «a tournament reminiscent of the now defunct Melanesian Cup».

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