Born and raised in San Antonio

On summer break visiting my parents from college
So, about a week in I get bored and go exploring

These are just a few of the many goals I have for the 2016 legislative session. I look forward to working with our partners in government to make them a reality it the right thing to do so we can help ensure a brighter future for our state and for all New Yorkers. As always, if you have any questions about this or any other community issue, please don hesitate to reach out to my Chief of Staff, Sophia James via email at or call 516 599 2972..

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canada goose uk black friday Laura’s Mission 27 year old Laura Molinar was in medical school in Chicago, when she was flooded with news about the family separation crisis. Born and raised in San Antonio, Molinar felt moved to action so she started Sueos Sin Fronteras, an organization to bring medical professionals to shelters on the border. While volunteering, Laura began to notice a need among the migrant women there for access to birth control and emergency contraception. canada goose uk black friday

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canada goose uk shop N nBut in North Carolina last month, nseveral weeks before the Dan River spill, the Southern Environmental Law Center filed motions in state court » that nwould allow local conservation groups to take part in nstate enforcement efforts to clean up coal ash pollutants at Duke Energy sites across North Carolina. N n nIn 2012, in response to a Freedom of nInformation Act request, the EPArevealed there were hundreds of coal ash dumps across the country n » many of which did not have the safeguards needed to keep the ash nfrom leaching into local water supplies. Both environmental activists nand industry supporters, meanwhile, are waiting to see what the EPA’s nruling later this year will mean for the fate of these dumps, as well nas the mountains of coal ash in the United States.»,»alternativeHeadline»:»NC coal ash spill draws new focus to controversial industrial waste»} canada goose uk shop.

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